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Concrete Saw Basics

June 30, 2011

Concrete Saws for BeginnersLots of rental places offer concrete saws for rent, but there are some things you should know about these saws before you fire one up and start cutting. In this article, we’ll help you pick the right saw for the job and handle it properly.

Safety Above All

We’ve reiterated safety over and over on this blog, and that’s because it’s of the utmost importance whenever you’re using power tools. Operating a concrete saw is no exception.

Aside from the obvious fact that you need to pay careful attention to what’s in the cutting path and any possible kick-back that might occur. You also need to be aware that these machines operate at around 105 decibels. Get some high quality hearing protection if you don’t already have it.

Start with the Project

As with any other do-it-yourself projects, you need to start with the project in mind when deciding which tool to use. You’ll need a different saw and blade for smaller projects like landscaping materials than you will for larger jobs like sidewalks and driveways.

A concrete saw can be use to cut both green and cured concrete, concrete pipes, asphalt, brick pavers and block, even granite and marble. Before you head to the rental store, know what type(s) of material you expect to cut, thickness, etc.

Concrete Saw Sizes

Concrete saws come in a variety of sizes. It’s pretty obvious that you’ll need a larger saw for a larger job. But you’ll also need to consider where the materials will be when you’re cutting them.

If you’re working with brick pavers on a workbench or cutting a marble countertop, you can get by with just a handheld model. However, it would be back-breaking work to use that same handheld concrete saw on your driveway. For that, you would want a walk-behind saw.

Blade Types for Concrete Saws

As is true with a circular saw, the type of concrete saw blade you select makes a big different in your results. Something like an ESA Diamond bladeis a great general purpose blade and can handle a variety of projects. However, granite, marble, or steel will use up an ESA blade quickly. For harder materials, you would want to step up to something like a Super “D” Plus Diamond blade.

In addition, many blades can be used either wet or dry, but some can’t, so you need to determine which type of cutting you’ll be doing. If you don’t want to breathe dust and clean up a dust mess, chances are you’ll be cutting wet, so make sure you have an appropriate blade for that.

Ready to Go

Once you have the right saw and the right blade for the job, and you’ve taken all the correct safety measures to protect yourself, you’re ready to rock on that new project (pun absolutely intended).

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