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Concrete Saw Review

August 27, 2010

Image courtesy of National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety

Image courtesy of National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety

Today we’re going to look at the BTS 1035 from Wacker.

Meet the Wacker BTS 1035

The Wacker BTS 1035 is a 21.8 pound, 5.5 horsepower concrete saw. It has a 73cc displacement and a maximum speed of 4,300 rpm.

This saw is a private label saw so it’s identical to the DPC7301 from Makita and the PC-7335 by Dolmar. Which makes finding concrete saw parts much easier. (more…)

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Robotic Lawncare

August 13, 2010

Image courtesy of Ray Weil

Image courtesy of Ray Weil

It’s going to be a long time before these are ready for commercial use, but you’ve got to admit, they’re kind of neat. And it’s a far cry better than staking your power mower to the center of the yard to achieve hands-free mowing. (more…)

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Environmental Benefits of Logging

August 6, 2010

Image courtesy of Ian+Anne

Image courtesy of Ian+Anne

Most people think of logging as a destructive industry. But, the truth is that loggers play an integral part in the health of a forest. Without logging, forest health would decline.

Minimizing Competition Among Trees

Just like a big city, a forest can get overcrowded, and when it does. Bad things start to happen.

To begin with, more trees means more competition for a finite amount of nutrition. Unlike people in cities, trees in the forest can’t ship in food from the expansive midwest. The only thing they have to eat is what’s right underneath them. Older trees that are nearing the end of their life cycle are doing little more than just taking up nutrients that could be used by the younger trees to grow stronger and taller.

Crowding in the forest is also a big invitation to disease. If loggers don’t thin out the trees in a forest, at some point, Mother Nature does it herself. Disease sweeps through an area killing off hundreds of healthy trees as well as older and dying trees. (more…)

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