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Seven Serious Lawncare and Landscape Maintenance Mistakes

July 30, 2010

Avoid these landscaping mistakes.

Avoid these landscaping mistakes.

Landscape maintenance can be a satisfying hobby. It feels good to stand on your porch with a nice glass of ice-cold lemonade in your hand and view your immaculate lawn. However, there are seven critical landscape maintenance mistakes that can easily spoil your lawn care efforts. (more…)

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Construction: Setting Yourself Apart From the Competition

July 23, 2010

Image courtesy of Great Valley Center

Image courtesy of Great Valley Center

Winning a contracting bid doesn’t always come down to having the lowest price. Most employers are savvy enough to know that there’s a reason the low bidder is the low bidder.

So, how do you set your company apart from the others in a way that gets you noticed?

Speed, Efficiency, and On-Time Performance

Construction companies have a bad reputation with many employers of finishing the job late. True, they often understand that unforeseen things come up which the construction company can’t predict. But, getting a job done late is annoying to a customer.

This can be a great advantage to you as you try to set yourself apart from the competition. Document the number of jobs you finish on, or ahead of, time and use that information to promote your company as the go-to organization. (more…)

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3 Keys for Making Your Lawn Care Business More Efficient

July 16, 2010

Image courtesy of CCCI

Image courtesy of CCCI

Whether you’re hoping for more money or more free time, efficiency is a key factor in the success of your lawn care business. Greater efficiency means more time for either taking on additional customers and making more money, or more time to spend with your family.

Here are three areas where efficiency can reduce the time (and money) you spend on your business. (more…)

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Fighting Illegal Logging

July 9, 2010

Image courtesy of Andrew J. Boone

Image courtesy of Andrew J. Boone

Logging is a healthy thing for a forest, when it’s properly regulated. But, logging operations that work outside the boundaries of environmental regulations are causing harm to many forests.

Logging Gets a Bad Rap

Logging is a necessary part of keeping a forest healthy. Thinning out a forest increases the growth rate of trees by removing competition for sunlight and nutrients. It also increases the nutrition available for the remaining trees by allowing more undergrowth to grow and go through the life and death cycle that replenishes the nutrients in the soil.

However, good logging, too often, gets caught up in the whirlwind of illegal logging practices. Images of forests stripped bare too often characterize the logging industry in general, when, in reality, a beautiful, lush forest is a proper picture of legitimate logging. (more…)

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Striping Your Lawn Like a Golf Course

July 2, 2010

Professional looking striped lawn.

Image courtesy of Paul Frederickson

Striping your lawn adds a nice finishing touch that looks professional. But how do you get that nice striped pattern?

An Amateur’s Guide to Striping Your Lawn

If you care for your own lawn and own a standard rotary mower, you can use the wheels of your mower to make a nice striping pattern. The weight of the mower on the wheels does the striping for you.

This may seem pretty straight-forward (and in many ways it is), but there are some tricks you can use to accentuate that striping pattern in a way that really catches your neighbors’ attention. (more…)

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